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Date : 23/09/2017
Nb. de pages : 267
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Now in its fifth edition, this enduringly popular reference book for intermediate and advanced learners is more informative, more useful and more reliable than ever. English Idioms explains over three thousand idioms and illustrates their use in up-to-date example sentences. The main features of the revision are : the addition of many more idioms used in everyday speech, the removal of less common idioms, many new colloquial examples, a more comprehensive index, an improved, clearer design. Features which are retained include : a full explanation of what an idiom is, the grouping of many idioms by grammatical structure, chapters on idioms used in special situations [e.g. work, travel, telephoning, buying and selling], chapters on idioms with key words from particular subject areas [e.g. colours, animals, parts of the body], an explanation of phrasal verbs and their structures.